About Me Little history.
I'm Photographer, Videomaker, Visual Artist and more.
Contaminated by different forms of art and communication, my work is based on creating visual media material for different types of situations.
My home and my ❤ is in Sicily but my workplace is the world.
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From reportage to street photography, till to night photography. I love to tell stories or create new ones, starting from a few elements.



Documentaries, video art and other video projects, no matter what it is. I use moving images to convey the right message at the right time.



Whether they are interactive installations or videomapping, i like to play with the mind of the viewer. From a passive view to an interaction, the passage is short.

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Reportage: Madagascar.

This is a photographic project produced in Ambanja, an urban municipality of 29,980 inhabitants in northern Madagascar, located about 500 km north of Antananarivo, the capital.
The collection also contains photographic material taken from the Nosy Komba, Nosy Be and Nosy Iranja islands located in the northern archipelago.


The flashy whisper

This photo was taken in Palermo in September 2013, during the national demonstration against the MUOS. With "The flashy whisper" i received the honorable mention at the Second Edition of the international competition “Annual International Monochrome Photography Awards 2015”.
The photo "The flashy whisper" shows an NO MUOS activists amused while irritates so flashy police behind him, being photographed with them cheerfully. In the background, there is the whisper behind the helmet visor of the policeman, while talking to his colleague responsible for the team. In the bottom left there is an out of focus element, which makes us understand the crowd of people who was behind the photographer and in front of the scene. In the rest of the image you notice direct sunlight affecting nearly all subjects and the palace in the background, drawing irregular shadows on it.

Life in full color.

Not without effort I selected these photos, taken in 15 different countries, which contain my way of seeing the world and life in full color.
I was lucky enough to touch 34 different nations with my feet and this travel allowed me to observe through the lens, the differences, the love and the simplicity of the contemporary world and, in my own way, I tried to make it eternal.


Collection of photos where there is only one protagonist. The Sky.
I am not a specialist in night photography but I love to challenge myself in new challenges and improve more and more.

Participations & Projects My art is always looking for new forms of expression.
Over the years i have participated and collaborated with various organizations that have contributed to my current training.
Here are some participations and projects that I like to remember and advertise.
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